The story behind Hack - why Hack?

The story behind Hack - why Hack?

My research work over the past 5 years has been aiming to discover a solution that can help avert the national health catastrophe that is hurtling towards us. Some sort of solution that succeeds where all previous diet and fitness trends of the past 50 years failed (the national health crisis has actually worsened over that time).

Two things in particular became clear in my research:

  1. Anything that is high effort and/or high cost is very unlikely to be sustained for an entire lifetime. Diets and fitness approaches are high effort and high cost. People just dip in and out of them. Consequently they have not had an impact on future health outcomes. The effects are temporary.
  2. Most adults are not meeting the minimum daily requirement of essential nutrients need for basic wellness

At first I launched a new home delivery fruit and veg box that had a very broad diversity of plants to boost gut health. But it became clear that for most people that was too high effort and high cost.

I needed to find a low effort and low cost solution that would deliver those nutrients. I began looking at existing habits that people had already deeply embedded in their daily routine. I realised that many people (including myself) now have a coffee habit.

I was invited to join the Food Innovation Accelerator based at the University of Greenwich's nutrition science lab to develop my idea for a wellness coffee.

Hack was born!

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