• Dr. Julia Jones, a dedicated researcher, has spent the past 5 years relentlessly pursuing a solution to avert the impending national health crisis. Her work has been driven by the need to find an answer that distinguishes itself from the multitude of diet and fitness trends that have failed us over the last half-century, trends that have only exacerbated our nation's health woes.

    Throughout her research, two fundamental truths emerged:

    1. Sustainability is Key: Dr. Jones recognised that any solution demanding high levels of effort and expense is unlikely to be maintained over a lifetime. The traditional approaches to health and wellness, such as diets and fitness routines, fall into this category, with people often dipping in and out of them without long-term success. These methods have proven to be temporary fixes rather than enduring solutions.
    2. Nutritional Deficiencies are Prevalent: It became apparent that a significant portion of adults was failing to meet the minimum daily requirements for essential nutrients vital for basic well-being.

    Dr. Jones initiated her quest by introducing a novel concept—a home delivery service of diverse fruits and vegetables designed to promote gut health. However, she soon realised that, for many, this endeavour was still too demanding in terms of effort and cost.

    Driven by her unwavering commitment to finding a low-cost, low-effort solution that could deliver these essential nutrients, Dr. Julia Jones turned her attention to existing daily habits deeply ingrained in people's routines. She astutely observed that, in today's fast-paced world, many individuals, herself included, had embraced a daily coffee habit.

    This pivotal insight led her to embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration. Dr. Jones was extended an invitation to join the Food Innovation Accelerator, located within the hallowed halls of the University of Greenwich's nutrition science lab. Here, she honed her concept, blending the familiarity and popularity of coffee with the essence of wellness.

    Thus, from the vision and dedication of Dr. Julia Jones, "Hack" was born—a groundbreaking wellness coffee, designed to seamlessly integrate into daily routines and provide essential nutrients that had been sorely missing. Dr. Jones's pioneering work stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to improving public health and well-being through innovative and practical solutions.

    For more information about Dr Julia Jones’ habit hacking work visit www.Holidity.com.